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Hey Zoom! Where is Universal Live Transcript?

I recently attended a Zoom webinar hosted by my daughter’s school. I was excited because accommodations were prominently featured on the invite. “If you would like to request accommodation for this meeting, please email such and such.” So I did. Within a day, someone from the planning office reached out to find out what I Continue reading

Hearing Loss: Someone Please Turn Down the Cicadas

Sometimes a setting is optimal for conversation—like a quiet summer night—until something changes—like cicadas! As people with hearing loss, we must be willing to adapt—and ask other people to make adjustments too. My latest article for HHTM discusses the steps we can take to keep the conversation flowing, even in a tough listening environment.  See Continue reading

I’m Writing A Book about Hearing Loss—and Beyond

I have always wanted to write a book. So when one of my favorite hearing loss advocates, Gael Hannan, contacted me during the pandemic to see if I would be interested in co-authoring a book with her, I jumped at the chance. After numerous outlines, and first drafts, and rewrites, and early readers, and more Continue reading

More Open Captioned Movie Theater Showings Please!

Have you had the chance to watch We Hear You, our documentary about hearing loss? If so, you probably noticed the open captions burned directly into the film to help people with hearing loss (and others) follow the dialogue easily. Our film is about hearing loss, so open captions are the obvious choice. CODA, the Continue reading