How You Can Help Combat Hearing Loss Stigma

My recent HuffPost Personal article “In ‘And Just Like That,’ Hearing Loss Is The Punchline Of The Joke… Again” explains why as a hearing aid wearer, I am angry about the way hearing loss is portrayed in the “Sex and the City” revival. I was thrilled HuffPost published the piece to help raise awareness about Continue reading

OTC Hearing Aids: A Positive for People with Hearing Loss

Last week I was an invited panelist for an ASHA Special Interest Group (SIG 8 public health audiology) Webchat on Over-the-Counter (OTC) hearing aids. The other panelists included: Karl Strom, the editor-in-chief at The Hearing Review; Jani Johnson, an assistant professor in the School of Communication Sciences and Disorders at the University of Memphis; and Kim Continue reading

Why Don’t Physicians Screen for Hearing Loss?

Unfortunately, hearing loss is not always taken seriously — even by the medical community. How many times has your primary care doctor asked you about your hearing loss or screened your family and friends for hearing loss? The answer for me is zero. This should not be the case. In my recent article for Hearing Continue reading

How Do You Want Your Hearing Aids to Look?

While our hearing aids can help us feel sexier — because we can communicate better — the beige-colored arcs behind or in our ears don’t always look the part. But with new entrants in the Hearables market, a wider variety of options is likely on the horizon. In my latest article for HHTM, I explore Continue reading

The Day I Found A Hearing Aid On The Sidewalk

Walking home yesterday, I almost stepped on a hearing aid. It was lying in the center of the sidewalk, deserted. I zigged quickly to avoid flattening it with my heel and stopped dead in my tracks. My heart sank, crushed for the person who would soon find his lifeline missing. I imagined the panic and chagrin Continue reading